Project outputs


Naomi Appleton, ‘The “Jātakāvadānas” of the Avadānaśataka – An Exploration of Indian Buddhist Narrative Genres,’ Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 38 (2015), 11-33.

Naomi Appleton, Shared Characters in Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Narrative: Gods, Kings and Other Heroes. Routledge, forthcoming late 2016 or early 2017.


September 2013: Naomi Appleton – ‘The Evolution of Indra in Indian Religions’, European Association for the Study of Religions Conference, Liverpool Hope University.

October 2013: James Hegarty – ‘Itihāsa-saṃvāda across early Indian Literature’, Bristol Research Seminar, University of Bristol.

November 2013: James Hegarty – ‘The Historic Conversations of Gods and Kings in Early South Asia’, The Wright Lecture, University of Cambridge.

January 2014: James Hegarty and Naomi Appleton – ‘The Story of Story in South Asia’, Religious Studies Research Seminar, University of Edinburgh.

April 2014: Naomi Appleton – ‘The Renouncing Royals of Videha across Buddhist, Jain and Hindu narratives’ and James Hegarty – ‘From false teachings, failing bloodlines and toxic karma to their several opposites: the economy of religious explanation in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain narrative traditions’, Spalding Symposium in Indian Religions, Manchester.

May 2014: Naomi Appleton – ‘Indian Gods in Buddhist and Jain Narrative: Strategies of Subordination’, Lancaster University Politics, Philosophy and Religion seminar.

June 2014: Naomi Appleton, Chair of a roundtable discussion on ‘Narrative Literature: Hindu, Jain and Buddhist’ at the First International Pāli Studies Week, Paris.

August 2014: Naomi Appleton – ‘The “Jātaka-Avadānas” of the Avadānaśataka – an exploration of Indian Buddhist narrative genres’, Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Vienna. This was part of a wider panel, co-convened by Naomi Appleton and Karen Muldoon-Hules, on Indian Buddhist narrative genres.

December 2014: Naomi Appleton – ‘On the Nature of the Gods in Indian Buddhist and Jain Narratives’, Department of Religion and Theology Research Seminar Series, Bristol University.

March 2015: Naomi Appleton – ‘Mothers of Famous Sons in Indian Religious Narrative’, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh.

April 2015: Story of Story roundtable discussion, at the University of Edinburgh, with special guests Brian Black and Jonathan Geen.

May 2016: Naomi Appleton – ‘Gods, Heroes and Kings: Shared Characters Across Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Narrative’, Theology and Religious Studies research seminar, Glasgow University.

September 2016: Naomi Appleton – ‘Buddhism, Story, and the Early Indian Religious Landscape’, keynote lecture at the annual conference of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies, London.

Public Engagement

November 2013: Naomi Appleton, with storytellers Mark Rivett and Steve Killick – ‘The Jataka Tales of the Buddha’s Past Lives’ – storytelling evening with introduction and Q&A session, funded by a University of Edinburgh Knowledge Exchange Grant, held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

2015 onwards: Naomi Appleton, with Alison Jack of the University of Edinburgh, Approaching Religion Through Story project producing story-based resources for school teachers and providing associated CPD events. See for further details.

June 2016: James Hegarty and Naomi Appleton, with storyteller Steve Killick – ‘How to Live a Good Life: Tales of Kings and Sages in Ancient India’ – an evening celebrating the story traditions of India, Cardiff University.

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